Camping Necessities: Folding Camp Saw

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One of the most important things that campers need to bring along in every camping trip are the necessary tools to make a fire. Aside from the matches, a very important camping essential is the folding camp saw.

A camp saw is used for cutting wood for making camp fire. Although there are some campers who think they can safely do away without bringing this tool, the truth is camp saws are extremely useful and should be considered as a camping necessity. It would be impossible to start a fire without any wood and picking small twigs that you can easily break by hand will definitely not be enough to create a fire the whole night through. With a folding camp saw, you can now afford to cut larger branches and gather enough firewood to keep you and the rest of the camp safe and warm throughout the night.

There are actually two types of camping saws. The first type is the compact saw. This kind of saw looks just like the usual saw but are just much smaller, enough to fit into any camper's bag. The second type is the foldable saw which is even much smaller and much more compact. Most campers prefer to get the foldable camping saw for obvious reasons: they are easy to pack, do not take in much space in the bag and are safer to carry with the jagged blade safely tucked inside the foldable handle.

For those of you who are planning to buy a folding camp saw for that next camping trip, the very first thing that you should be looking out for is the quality of the tool. Your camp saw will be subjected to heavy use during camping so make sure that your piece can last the rigors of outdoor use. Aside from that, your saw needs to be sharp - for obvious reasons.

Many campers also recommend buying a camping saw with replaceable blades. If you are an avid camper or an outdoor enthusiast, then you are bound to be using the tool more often than the others. And eventually, the sharpness of your tool may wear out with use. So instead of buying a completely new piece, you can simply buy a new blade instead. This can save you a whole lot of money at the same time.

Another quality to look for in a good folding camp saw is a good grip. Cutting through wood and tree branches can be very difficult if you can barely hold on to your saw. So make sure that you get efficient work by finding saws with easy grip designs and those with rubber linings for an even better hold. And last but not the least, make sure that your saw blades are safely tucked in and protected. This will avoid any damage to your camping bag.

So if you plan to go camping anytime soon, make sure you do not leave this tool out. Always remember to invest in a good folding camp saw for longer lasting use and a safer and smoother camping trip.

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Camping Necessities: Folding Camp Saw

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This article was published on 2011/04/06