Motorcycle Camping Tips for Newbie

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Motorcycle camping is fast becoming a common activity to many motorcycle riders. However, camping won’t be fun anymore if you did not plan it very well. Is this going to be your first try on motorcycle camping? Then you must do a little research and learn some survival tips first. Your safety is one of your primary concerns.

As a newbie camper, there are many things you need to learn first. Remember that you will be staying and sleeping outdoors not in a motel or inn. Learn as much as you can about motorcycle camping and see if you can survive it. Sure, it will be a fun, exciting and challenging experience but there are dangers and risks too. Ask yourself. Is motorcycling for me? Why not give it a try for you to see.

The following are different motorcycle camping tips for newbie:

  1. Start slowly and modestly. Why? Since this will be your first motorcycle camping experience, do not spend too much money over your camping gears and equipments. Plan a short trip first also. Do not overdo it by planning a camping trip that will last for days because you still lack the knowledge on how to survive it. Aside from that, buy or borrow lightweight equipments from your friends first. After your first try you may realize that motorcycle camping isn’t for you and then will regret that you wasted your money over equipments you will never use again.
  2.  Plan carefully. It is important to plan ahead before you went for a long trip. Bring enough food, clothes, and important equipments you need to stay comfortable and safe while sleeping outdoors. Choose your camping site wisely. Look for a place where there is plenty of water and important amenities such as toilets and showers.
  3. Pack wisely. Do not overload your motorcycle. Just choose the right camping gears and equipments to bring. As a rule, put heaver things at the bottom of your saddle bags or case.
  4. Comfortable bedding. Choose a tent and sleeping bag that is warm, comfortable and waterproof. Mother Nature is not predictable and you must be prepared for it. Before leaving your home, check the weather.
  5. Prepare for emergency. It is very important to be prepared for untoward incidents while on the road. Pack an emergency kit; bring your motorcycle and maintenance tool. Even if your motorcycle is on its top condition before you left home, still a lot of things can happen on the road.

To make your trip worth repeating, follow these motorcycle camping tips for newbie. Camping will test your resourcefulness and ability to cope up under certain situation. By going through this challenges at your first try will determine whether motorcycle camping is for you or not.

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Motorcycle Camping Tips for Newbie

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Motorcycle Camping Tips for Newbie

This article was published on 2012/08/24