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If you are adventurous and enjoy scenery such as magnificent sunsets, mountain peaks, forest interiors and gigantic trees, and are always opting to discover new places then RV camping is the best activity for you. This outdoor activity with a touch of wilderness is ideal not only for those who have the lure of adventure but is also perfect for those who are planning on a get together family trip, honeymoons for newlyweds, or family reunions.  

Although most associate this activity with mosquito bites, bear attacks and creepy forests, camping is actually a very pleasurable experience from the serenity and peaceful environment of the place you will be staying. It is the perfect getaway from the hectic schedule you keep.  

There are various types of RV camping but whether which type you would want to enjoy should be based on what activities you would be planning to do during your stay in a particular place, how long do you plan to stay and how much convenience can you let go during the trip. There are three common types of camping: wilderness, tent and recreational vehicle.

Wilderness camping is characterized more with the little comfort there is. When you set out in a forest, you will just be bringing along food and a journal where you can write down your experiences.  

This type also suggests that you will have no store nearby to buy supplies and no enclosed bathroom. What makes this type interesting and challenging is the fact that you will have to find your sleeping spot on the forest grounds. No reservations needed. Just take your pick and fend for yourself.  

Exactly the opposite, tent camping will have tents as a temporary sleeping haven plus added comfort of showers, rest rooms and other amenities like laundry rooms, game rooms and swimming pools. However, unlike the first type, you need to book your visit in advance especially during peak seasons for you to select your most preferred spot. Minimal fees are charge for entry but the relaxing and comforting effect of being one with nature is worth your money.  

Recreational vehicle (RV) camping is perhaps the most modernized way of exploring nature. It allows campers to move from one place to another, you will be able to reach farther places without concerns on accommodations. This vehicle is equipped with a bathroom, living room, kitchen as well as bedroom, thereby providing you the comfort that you need.  

It is as if you haven't gone far away from your home. Apart from the comfort, it is also the most easy to pack and go. The hassles of fending tents and other gears are eliminated. Since most RV sites offer special hookups, campers are given access to fresh water supply as well electricity.   If you want to explore horizons yet can not give up the usual comforts of urban life, then setting out RV camping will provide the best camping experience for you.  

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RV Camping - Convenience and Fun

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This article was published on 2010/03/31