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When shopping for camping sleeping bags the material that it is made from should be the main deciding factor. The reason for this is because different elements call for different forms of insulation. The expected weather conditions should play the major role when selecting ones for camping. Other important factors to consider would be your budget, plus how you plan to travel and your distance of travel.

Camping bags insulation is referred as loft. The loft of the camping sleeping bags is the thickness of material inside the bag. There are two types of insulation in sleeping bags: natural and synthetic.

Camping sleeping bags made from natural materials use wool, cotton and goose or duck down for insulation. There are even some are made with the hair of camel, musk oxen and yak. For an extra luxurious style some sleeping bags for camping uses silk insulation. However this article will discuss the more traditional materials of natural insulation.

Cotton camping bags are the most popular and affordable type of insulation. But cotton is not ideal if you are going to be in harsh conditions. This includes cold or wet weather. For a summer family camping trip, a cotton one is perfect. Yet if cotton becomes wet, it takes a long time to dry and will not provide enough insulation to keep you warm.

If long-distance walking travel is not an issue and you need to stay warm, wool is perfect insulation material. However, because it is a heavy material it's ideal for camp use and not hiking. It's bulky and heavy but it will keep you warm even if it gets wet.

Then the last type of natural sleeping bags for camping are those made of goose or duck down. The difference between the two is goose is loftier and therefore more expensive than a duck down bag. With a down sleeping bag, the bag is very light and exceptionally warm. The downside to down is if it gets wet, the bag compresses, becomes soggy and loses its ability to provide insulation. Also once it becomes wet; it takes a while before it dries completely. In cold yet dry conditions, down camping ones the best choice if choosing a natural material.

Because natural sleeping bags carry so much risk if placed in the wrong conditions or environments, many people opt for camping bags made of synthetic insulation. Not only are the synthetic models cheaper, they are also easier to dry, easier to care for and provide more warmth when wet. With the loft per unit of weight, many of the newer synthetics are very similar to down. Silicon is used to treat the synthetic fibers and the fibers themselves are made hollow. This combination creates a mechanism to retain warmth and enhance loft. The most used synthetic materials to make ones for camping include Hollofil, Quollofil7, Lamolite and Loftlite.
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Shopping For Camping Sleeping Bags

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This article was published on 2011/01/27