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Camping in the winter may sounds strange to most of you, it is cold outside and the scenery is completely different from the other seasons. So many stuffs you have to prepare to resist the coldness. However, if you have such an experience, you will love that as camping with winter camping tents enable you to enjoy a completely different world you see before. The choose of camping tent seems to be vital as you may suffer snow or heavy rain which could protect you from getting hurt by the extreme weather and keep warm the whole journey. The following are several recommend pop up tent for winter camping.


Three-Season Tents


Generally, three-season camping tent are designed for camping in the other three seasons, of course, most tents are available for those purpose. Even the pops up tents are not aiming at the winter market which can not withstand r high winds or heavy snow loads. These kind of tents may have vents and mosquito-netted windows which aims at let the breeze in the spring or summer camping should be sealed when used in the winter.


Four-Season Tents


A four-season tent is able to withstand harsher condition and more complicated weather. Different with a three-season marquee, it has thicker walls which can withstand the complex weather more. Camping in the winter, you must prepare for the snow load which you will always suffer. The four-season can well stand it and support it well from collapsing. it is too easy to accumulate much snow on the marquee.




Freestanding or dome tent will also be your ideal choice as it has no rope and stakes. Comparing with other two types, it is more flexible with location and save the time spending on the setting up the stakes.


Choose the right camping tent, may be a marquee or dome tent for your winter camping. It will definitely be a fantastic experience.

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Tent for Winter Camping

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This article was published on 2011/10/14